Primary Areas of Interest

Research at Retro Designs involves constant analysis of the hypotheses we explore. Since 2000, we have been driven by this mission of discovery. Read on to find out more about our latest work.

Photonics and Mechanical Engineering

Lead Mechanical Engineer 

Products: - 3D Imaging Technology Platforms, Intelligent Surveillance Technology Platforms, 3D Facial Recognition Technology Platforms.  

  • Complete product life cycle design.

  • Utilizing Solidworks to develop detailed 3-D CAD models and drawings. ​Includes component, subassembly, and top-level drawings.​

  • Design for high volume production using plastic injection molding, sheet metal, metal casting, stamping, blow molding, and 3D printing.

  • Design and develop products from concept through market introduction.​ Ensuring designs meet performance specifications, regulatory and manufacturing requirements.​ 

  • Generate innovative concepts for new designs to satisfy customer requirements.​ Lead and participate in concept generation activities, including brainstorming sessions.​


Title:  NIH "3D CAMERA RING" - Novel Automated 360-Degree Surface Profiling System for Small Animals; NIH Project Number: 2R44RR020245-02A2 (08/2004-06/2012)

Technest Inc. in collaboration with others universities propose to use a novel 3D camera ring system for small animal DOT imaging. Instead of using a single camera and a motion stage to acquire multiple images of the animal body surface, the camera ring can simultaneously acquire multiple (16) surface images in vivo and automatically generate 3D surface model of the animal. The 3D model provides accurate geometric boundary information for the DOT subsystem. The impact of this research is potentially enormous since it offers a work frame whereas specific functional or molecular events could be quantitatively imaged and hence significantly advance basic cancer research, drug discovery and healthcare practices.

  • Designed the proposed “3D Camera Ring™” using Solidworks Computer Aided Design Software.

  • Designed a motion control mechanism using a rotary stage and a stepper motor.

  • Design of sheet metal parts, extrusions, stamped parts and plastic injection molded parts.

  • Create drawings, get quotes from vendors, and build the prototype.

Title: Air Force SBIR Phase II (FA8650-09-C-1610) Spectral Bird: Electrically Tunable Active Optics Sensor The goal of this project is to develop a novel miniature imaging sensor to be used for small unmanned aerial vehicles. For this sensor, we innovatively integrate a liquid polymer lens into a miniature 4´ optical zoom system and thus completely eliminate moving parts usually necessary for zoom optics and minimize the system dimension. (05/01/2009-04/30/2011)

  • Designed a Pan Tilt system using Solidworks Computer Aided Design Software.

  • This Pan Tilt system simulates roll and pitch of an aircraft which was used to generate an algorithm for the FSM (Fast Steering Mirror) so that it can track the image being generated from the camera under normal operating conditions despite vibrations and other disturbances.

  • Designed twin optical housings for two zoom stages using which incorporated an electro mechanical switching mechanism with a rotary bi-stable solenoid which switches the zoom optics.  

Title: Navy SBIR Phase II (N00024-08-C-4100)                                                           

Omni-Guard: a Real-Time Omni-Directional and Zoom Capable Hyperspectral Recording and Processing Imager. The primary objective of this project is to develop an omni-directional (360°) and zoom capable hyperspectral recording and processing imager for Navy ISR operations (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance). Designed a novel imaging optics system, develop application-specific sensor hardware, and also develop imaging control and processing software.

  • Designed mechanical housing for zoom stages, retaining rings, spacers, thread call outs.

  • Created prototypes using Stereolithography (SLA) from .STEP files, and worked with cross functional teams for inference on final design.

Past Research Project

IR1000 Infrared BGA & SMT Rework Station: Infrared BGA & SMT Rework at a Price that Can't Be Beat! The IR 1000 is a low-cost, remarkably flexible and effective rework system, capable of installing and removing passives, QFP's, SOIC's, PLCC's, MLF's, LCCC's, TSOP's, QFN's and BGA's. It is ideal for post assembly rework, repair, and low volume/short run production operations. Economical and easy to use, the IR 1000 delivers high-end functionality, moving far beyond expensive, bulky rework stations by offering unparalleled performance at an affordable price. It does not require heat-focusing nozzles, saving you thousands in additional costs. A microprocessor driven, semi-automated system that does not require an external PC, the IR 1000 allows for simple one zone profiles up to more complicated multi zone profiles and features PACE’s exclusive “Learn Mode” that assists the user with developing profiles. The unit uses a combination of IR top heating coupled with powerful IR bottom heating for an effective, repeatable heating process. An optional PC software package offers an easy operator interface and greater flexibility, allowing for profile management and graphing of temperature data.

Upcoming Research Project

This is our current project. We are working on a fully height adjustable Grill for all you meat and vegetable lovers.

With a Background.JPG

Height adjustable grill

Design and assembly of a rack and pinion, height adjustable meat grill made out of stainless steel.